U lock PC

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Products: U-lock system polycarbonate sheet
Thickness: 6,8,10,12,16,18mm
Width: Fixed width as shows below in the list
Length: According to requests
Color: Different colors available (Clear, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow, Silver, etc).
Swimming pool roof, Bus stop roof, Skylite, Green house, etc,
1) Light weight
    2) High impact strength 
    3) Fire retardant
    4) Good Light transmission
    5) With UV protection and thermal insulation
    6) Excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties
    7) Inhibits condensation
    8) Customized dimensions, thickness and colors available upon request

Plug-pattern sheet            6-WALL,Thickness: 40mmWidth 500mm  saheet 1 4800 4300-5000
U-lock system Rectangle structure            4-wallThickness: 6mmWidth 600mm  saheet 2 1700 1600-1800
U-lock system Rectangle structure            4-wallThickness: 8mmWidth 600mm  saheet 3 1900 1800-2000
U-lock system Rectangle structure            4-wallThickness: 10mmWidth 600mm  saheet 4 2100 2000-2200
U-lock system Honeycomb stucture            4-wallThickness: 8mmWidth 600mm  saheet 5 1900 1800-2000
U-lock system Honeycomb stucture            4-wallThickness: 10mmWidth 600mm  saheet 6 2200 2100-2500
U-lock system Honeycomb stucture            4-wallThickness: 12mmWidth 600mm  saheet 7 2500 2400-2600
U-lock system Rhombus StructureThickness: 12mmWidth 800mm  saheet 8 2500 2400-2600
U-lock system Rhombus StructureThickness: 16mmWidth 800mm  saheet 9 2900 2800-3100
U-lock system Rhombus StructureThickness: 18mmWidth 800mm  saheet 10 3200 3100-3300

Technical data:

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