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Products: Solid &Embossed polycarbonate sheet
Thickness: 0.8-12mm for solid PC sheet, 2-5mm for embossed PC sheet.
Width: Within 2100mm
Length: According to requests
Color: Different colors available (Clear, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow, Silver, etc)
Swimming pool roof, Bus stop roof, Skylite, Green house, etc,
1) Light weight
    2) High impact strength 
    3) Fire retardant
    4) Good Light transmission
    5) With UV protection and thermal insulation
    6) Excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties
    7) Inhibits condensation
    8) Customized dimensions, thickness and colors available upon request.

Solid PC sheetThickness: 0.8-12mmMax. width: 1220mm  Solid&Embossed polycarbonate shet 1 
Embossed PC sheetThickness: 2.0-5mmMax.width:2100mm  Solid&Embossed polycarbonate shet 2

Technical data:

Performance Test Method Units Indicators
Density   g/cm3 1.20
Absorption,24hours ISO 62 mg 10
Water absorption, saturation/23℃ ISO 62 % 0.35
Haze astm JG/T116-200X % 0.53
Optical Properties      
Transmittance (6mm transparent) JG/T 116-200X % 88
MECHANICAL Properties      
Tensile yield stress- lateral JG/T 116-200X MPa 66
Tensile yield stress-Longitudinal JG/T 116-200X MPa 66
Nominal stress fracture- lateral JG/T 116-200X % 95
Nominal stress fracture-Vertical JG/T 116-200X % 101
Tensile modulus-Transverse JG/T 116-200X GPa 2.4
Tensile modulus-Longitudinal JG/T 116-200X GPa 2.4
Heating rate of change of size-horzontal JG/T 116-200X % 0.3
Heating rate of change of size-Vertical JG/T 116-200X   -1.55
Yield point flexural strength, 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa 90
Bending Modulus, 2mm/min ISO 178 MPa 2300
Impact Performance      
Charpy notched impact strength-level(normal termperture) JG/T 116-200X KJ/m2 11.0
Charpy notched impact strength-vertical(normal termperture) JG/T 116-200X KJ/m2 11.1
Perforation Features      
Maximum penetration JG/T 116-200X   1022
Maximum penetration OF energy JG/T 116-200X   18.4
Hermal performance      
Vicat softening temperature, B/120 JG/T 116-200X 150
Heat distortion temperature, 1.8 MPa JG/T 116-200X 141
Thermal conductitity ISO 8302 W/m ℃ 0.2
Coefficient of thermal expansion, 23-80℃ ISO 11359-2 1/℃ 7.00E-05
Oxygen Index ISO 4589 % 25
Flame Level GB86240-1997   B1

Twin wall polycarbonate sheet  15                                                      Twin wall polycarbonate sheet  16

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